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Morans Opticians Practice Outside






This is what to expect for a typical appointment at Morans Opticians, step by step.

Morans Opticians Practice Main Entrance


Our store front

Morans Opticians is the pale blue shop on the high street in New Mills.


When you walk in

As you come through the door you can take a seat on a chair in the waiting area until you are called for your appointment.

Testing Room and Chair


Testing room

You will go through into the testing room and sit in this chair.


The optician will ask you questions about your eyes.


You will also be asked to try different lenses and to read out letters on a chart. The optician will look into your eyes with a little torch.


This helps the optician to advise whether you need glasses.


When you walk in

If you need glasses, you can sit in the green chair at the back of the shop and talk to one of our friendly advisors.


They will help you choose glasses that are right for you.


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Pre-test visit 

Come and see the practice and meet the team. You can have a look at the room where you will have your eyes tested.


We can turn off some bright lights if needed.


We sometimes play music, but can turn it off on request - or bring your own vinyl album for us to play!

Quiet Times

We can never predict how busy we will be, but we can book your appointment at a time which is usually quieter. We may even be able to close the shop if necessary.

We included the images above of our practice which can be used to familiarise yourself, your child or any patient with the practice.


We also have a copy of Biff, Chip & Kipper Going to the Optician which can be loaned to read with your child prior to visiting for an eye test.


We understand that an eye exam can be a daunting experience and we are happy to split the appointment over multiple visits if necessary. We will also make every effort to ensure everything runs on time.


We want all of our patients to feel as comfortable as possible when visiting our practice. We appreciate that everybody's needs are different and we will tailor the experience to the individual. Please let us know if there is anything we can do that isn’t covered above.


Wheelchair Access

Due to the building location, we do not have a doorway which can accommodate a ramp for easier access. There is one step into the practice, and once inside, there are two steps up to the testing room. We have provided grab rails to help those with limited mobility. We are happy to assist with wheelchairs as far as possible but it is best to contact us before booking to confirm your requirements.

Emergency Eyecare

Got a symptom that's worrying you?

Emergency eyecare appointments are available if you are experiencing painful or red eyes, blurred vision or any other sudden symptom that's concerning you. 

Designer Eyewear


Designer Eyewear

We’ve curated a collection of beautiful eyewear brands that will allow you to express your unique personality, whatever your style or budget.

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